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Thread: Anno 1800 (Windows Desktop)

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    Anno 1800 (Windows Desktop)

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    Hello All,

    This is a profile I made using Padstarr for the game Anno 1800. Could be because I'm not the best at Padstarr or Pinnacle, Windows 10 stuff, things with games ran through another client like Uplay, or any combination of the above... but in order to get this profile to work, I had to make it under the Windows Desktop.

    To use it, activate the profile then manually start the game. Doing otherwise may result in this error:
    "The configuration data is corrupt. Padstarr cannot load this profile."

    In fact, you may get this error after you download the profile and immediately try to use it. What works for me when I get this error is using the Task Manager to close Padstarr (clicking 'x' to close doesn't fully close the program) and then reopening it.

    The default mode of this controller should be sufficient enough to do just about everything in the game, it only requires that you mouse over to the various options, but if you want some menu options with out needing to click on them directly, you can toggle to Menu Mode (blue shift) and you will have access to more options directly. It is a toggle which means you will need to press again in order to return to default scheme. This is because trying to hold down the guide button while accessing some of the other buttons might be a little difficult.

    Also, of course, you may need to disable your Guide button's other functions to use it for the game. Otherwise, it will access Steam or whatever else is tied to it rather than toggle.

    The left stick controls the mouse because the 'X' works like the left click of the mouse and thus makes it easy to select multiple things and or do click and dragging.

    This profile isn't fast or built for speed so the mouse speed was reduced so it reduces the chances of you flying past your intended goal. If the speed is not to your liking, it should be easy to adjust.

    Quitting the game requires you first hold down the left stick and, while still holding down the left stick, hold down the right, then release both. It will immediately take you out the game if you do this.

    The name of this profile is Goode Silver Tequila. The reason is because if you play the game on campaign, 'Goode' is the surname of the main character(s) involved. The full name of silver tequila is 1800 Silver and thus a play on the 1800.

    As per usual, whether you like this profile or not, making one you prefer using this should be fairly easy as almost every command available for the game is set up and to use. This includes commands that aren't assigned by this profile.

    [End of Rambling]


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    Hey buddy, it looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey! I appreciate you saying so.

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