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Thread: Razer Wolverine Ultimate profile/support

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    Razer Wolverine Ultimate profile/support

    I just ordered a new controller to try it out (it hasn't arrived yet). I am looking to use the Razer Wolverine Ultimate with The Elder Scrolls Online.

    I am familiar with making profiles for the standard xbox controller for the PC, using Pinnacle. I was using Pinnacle for years, but the support on that site is a waste of time, and I've had Padstarr for a while but just never really figured it out.

    I've done a quick search on this forum for profiles for my new controller, but not having much luck. Has anyone made profiles for this controller and/or for The Elder Scrolls Online? I am just looking for a standard way to set up the controller, and alter the buttons to my needs. If someone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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    Do you have any ESO profiles on your PC? If so you could import them into padstarr. Or maybe export them from PGP first, then import.

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