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Thread: First time user with questions.

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    Question First time user with questions.

    Good day,

    Former Xpadder user here finding my way though the trial version of Padstarr. Iíve mostly been able to duplicate my previous setup just fine, only a few issues Iíd like some help with. I sent an email to Rob a while back, but that I'm up to speed on current events; here I am.

    1. Iím not quite sure how to add games that are not already on the list; specifically for playing Phantasy Star Online 2 JP. Thought I could just choose a game as a template and let it point to the real executable, but to no avail. The game uses the notorious Gameguard, so perhaps this association just isnít possible.

    2. Iím having trouble getting both touchpad and home button to properly register in the program. This is likely due to my choice of controller being the third-party regular Razer Raiju. Though itís a PS4 styled controller, its PC drivers seem to be Xinput based. Iím aware that the additional triggers will never be recognized as individual buttons, but it seems the touch pad acts like a second back button and the home button doesnít register period; wouldíve expected those two to function like standard. Think this could be troubleshooted through or no hope?

    3. Is it possible at all to go below 0.15 seconds on holding actions? Itís not terrible, but it just feels a tad less responsive than my Xpadder setup.

    4. I'd also like to confirm if Padstarr licences are currently still being sold to new users. I understand if updates may never come, but the program in its current state may still be sufficient for my needs.

    I appreciate any light this forum can shed on my inquires.

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    1, click on the "settings' icon > add a game. Just type some
    jibberish into the search box until you see the option to make your own profile. You will be given game options, location, and name options.
    If it does use gameguard, you may have problems. Rob used to have to try and have Pinnacle white-listed with these anti-cheating programs. Some would...some would not. Some people just believe using a program like Pinnacle or Padstarr
    is a form of cheating. And even the ones who would, might only work for PGP and not Padstarr.

    2, connect your controller to your pc and right-click the padstarr icon in the task bar and select "game controllers". Then click on "properties" and test to make sure your controllers function within windows correctly.

    From the padstarr main window, click on settings > controller setup > run wizard to make sure the controllers are setup within padstarr.

    3, If the "tap' and "hold" commands are mutually exclusive of one another you can create a command with a pause step. Pause steps will go down to 0.01 sec.
    However... if the commands truly are exclusive, there really is no need for a pause or a hold, just tap and they would both fire.
    But as far as the tap and hold system goes, there is no lower threshold than the 0.15.

    4, Because of the devs death. Personal licenses are not going out. If you purchase and provide me proof. I will send you a key to use.
    It's the only thing I can do.

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