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Thread: Is Padstarr still officially supported?

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    Is Padstarr still officially supported?

    Hello everyone. I'm aware of the sad news about Rob and I noticed the PGP support forums have been down for months. Then I just happened to notice today that the Padstarr forums were still around. I've been a PGP user for years and wish there was something I could do to make sure it doesn't go away since it's my all-time favorite software. (Well, after Windows. When I install Windows it kind of goes like this... Windows > Anti-Virus > Pinnacle Profiler.)

    I'm willing to make the switch and buy a Padstarr license if it's still supported somehow. (I only ever had a PGP activation key.) Serious question - is everything running on autopilot at this point with no one actually behind the controls of the website? Again, would love to purchase Padstarr if I thought my money was going to help further the life of this product.
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    Hi rennervision, it's just me here everyday. Errol still keeps an eye on things and chimes in when needed. But that's about it.
    Also, check the PM I sent you.

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