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Thread: Rainbow Six Raven Shield (Rainbow Six 3) Profile

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    Rainbow Six Raven Shield (Rainbow Six 3) Profile

    Profile for the third installment of Rainbow Six. Usable in both addons as well of course. I think the controls arenīt that bad considering the complexitiy of the game, you already use almost all the keys if you play with M&K. All three shift modes are being used. Right Bumper/R1 is for Inventory menu, higher sensivity there for selection. Left Bumper/L1 is used for more actions (Go codes, RoE, Fire rate), the actions you need the most are binded in unshifted mode (both stance buttons, reloading, nightvision, hold (team)). Of course there can be (much) better layouts available for RS3, but I did my best with the profile. I played the base game and addons (on Recruit but yeah ) with that profile.

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