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    Splinter Cell 2 Profile

    Another profile from me, now for the second installment in the Splinter Cell series. Before gaming, you have to do a little tweak just like for the first SC game.

    "All you have to do first is to go wherever your game is installed, go to "offline", "system" and open "SplinterCell2User.ini". Then find the lines "JoyX=" and "JoyY=" and add so it looks like this :

    JoyX=Axis aStrafe DeadZone=0.3
    JoyY=Axis aForward DeadZone=0.3"

    Written by "Kayael". I have just fixed the name for the directories. Source:

    Pandora Tomorrow added "whistling", it is binded to L2/Left Trigger just like on the consoles. Inventory is now on Square/X (holding button), you navigate through it using the D-Pad buttons OR the left joystick (it is now imitating WASD as well). R3/Right Joystick Button lets you use the SC20K rifle scope. Just like in SC1 you zoom in with the UP button and zoom out with the DOWN button.

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