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    Splinter Cell 1 Profile

    Hey, I want to share my profile (for PS and Xbox style controllers) for the first Splinter Cell game. AFAIK I have not changed any binds ingame, so you are ready to go. Almost. Quoting:

    "All you have to do first is to go wherever your game is installed, go to "system" and open "SplinterCellUser.ini". Then find the lines "JoyX=" and "JoyY=" and add so it looks like this :

    JoyX=Axis aStrafe DeadZone=0.3
    JoyY=Axis aForward DeadZone=0.3"

    Written by "Kayael". Source:

    Pressing X/A Button while holding a gun will reload it. Square/X changes rate of fire of the SC20K rifle. Quick Inventory is on L2/Left Trigger, you have to use the right stick to control the mouse (good thing the game pauses there ) then confirm with R1/Right Bumper.

    Special features in my profile:

    Quicksave (hold UP button), Quickload (hold DOWN button), just tapping UP (without shift mode) lets you zooming in the SC20K rifle, tapping DOWN (without shift mode) zooms out again. HOW TO LOCK PICK: KEEP holding X (PlayStation layout) or A (Xbox layout) and then tap the D PAD buttons (because they are WASD for that time actually). ATTENTION: If you use DOWN (for zooming out) then tap UP again, so you will get maximal walk and run speed again! Every time you start a new level or getting into the next level section, you have to tap the UP button 5-6 times to get maximal walking and running speed (and otherwise the left stick will not control your speed like in the console ports).

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    Another nice profile, thanks!

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