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Thread: Hello all I'm new here an got a few questions

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    Hello all I'm new here an got a few questions

    I'm a old school console gamer probably older then most on here. Started playing way back on the artari when i was 5 an those were the latest greatest thing. Anyhow I'm looking into switching to pc gaming as this getting a new console every 5 years has wore out an quite frankly I been looking at pc games an it seems the so called exclusives to a certain console can be found on pc which means double the games and pc the only one where I can get civillization. Before I switch though I am wondering if anyone can give me a idea of how hard it is for someone that never pc gamed before to set up this to work with a controller figured i'd go with a xbox 360 controller as it seems to be the main one for pc. I am also up for suggestions on a descent starter gaming pc on a small budget like $700 as i'm on ssi due to cerebal palsy and hydrocephulus. The hydrocephulus is why i'm asking how hard it would be to set up software and controller because that causes major brain damage an I wasn't imune to the effects of it my memory sucks, an my ability to understand real complex things because I get easily confused and easily distracted so sometimes I got to read something multiple times to even grasp it. types of games i'd be playing is grandtheft auto's, sim city, civillization, resident evil, need for speeds, games like those no 1st person games would be 3rd person if shooters. Thanks all for your time.

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    If you get an Xbox 360 controller then it is supported by most modern games. Older games may not work properly with the Xbox 360 controller because it uses a new technology called XINPUT and older games would use DirectInput and not know how to use XINPUT properly. The controller may still respond, but it may have problems. Sometimes you can fix these problems with Pinnacle. Other times games do not have any controller support, and in this case you would need Pinnacle to emulate the keyboard/mouse from the gamepad. Some of the games you mentioned like sim city and civ may be difficult to play with a gamepad, although it's certainly possible with Pinnacle and many people do play them with gamepads but it could take some getting used to first. You may be best to get something like Logitech F710 because it can switch between XINPUT and DirectInput modes. I hope this helps. If you have more questions you can email

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