Yesterday at PAX East an extremely interesting livestreamed panel titled “The (Incredible) Future of PC Gaming” was held, discussing what we can expect from games on PC in the next few years. The speakers were Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey, Planetside 2 Creative Director Matt Higby, Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts, Nvidia Director of Technical marketing Tom Petersen and PC Gamer Editor in Chief Evan Lahti as a moderator.

The panel started on a light note with the whole audience standing for the “PC Gaming national anthem” and with a rather fitting and much more serious “mission statement:”
PC Gaming is open, it’s high powered, it’s flexible, moddable, malleable, it’s not “one size fits all,” it’s gaming greatest breeding ground for experimentation and original ideas. There’s no platform that offers the same amount of choice, value, variety and performance as PC gaming.
Petersen started the dances mentioning that according to him PC gaming is going to be much more cloud oriented in the future, with the ability to stream games anywhere from your PC, and not just sitting on your basement, unless that’s what you want. He sees the future as the ability to get a great PC gaming experience anywhere, on any device. Luckey responded (causing quite a bit of hilarity) that it was a pretty optimistic vision.
Petersen clarified that since the mobile experience is in demand nowadays, Nvidia is going to drive the ability to bring PC gaming on any device, with the same games, and even the same saves.
Roberts sided with Luckey, explaining that the reason why he likes PC gaming is that he wants to have the best experience possible, and the ever changing hardware actually helps him do things he couldn’t do before, without waiting six or seven year-long cycles of a console.