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Thread: Trigger Dead Zone Setup

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    Trigger Dead Zone Setup

    The main controller I use is a Razer Sabertooth. One of the triggers is now slightly wonky and won't reset all the way to its original unpressed position some of the time. It stays slightly depressed, meaning that I would need an axis dead zone of about 10%. Is there a way to set this up in Pinnacle or to somehow ghetto rig a set up that would give me a similar effect? Also, if I do set this up, would it work with FIFA 14? That's my main problem so far. FIFA is recognizing that small press as a full button push and it is causing my players to do undesirable things with the ball. Thanks guys!

    Edit: Playing around with the axis commands in Pinnacle, I think I may be able to set it so that one of the zones I can set up for the axis is a null zone. However, I can't quite figure out how. Any ideas on how I could create a "command" for zone 1 that would do nothing?

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    It's possible that an Axis Command could help you hear, but it might not if the game is using built-in support for the controller. I think what you should do is go to GAME PROFILES > NEW and then drag-and-drop your game's shortcut onto the "shortcut dropzone" in the lower-right corner of the window. Now click OK to create the profile and Pinnacle should ask you if you would like to apply a template. You could apply an xbox360 template, but I think be easier to just make an empty profile. So after you have the empty profile, click the EDIT CONFIGURATIONS button. Here you can click the assignment label next to your broken trigger. So let's set it was the right trigger... so you'll assign DirectX Override > XINPUT AXIS > R TRIGGER

    That is just making the same assignment that is already there (in fact I'm not even sure that step is needed, but it won't hurt). Now use the "Axis Setup" button and I think if you lower the Axis Range then this may resolve the problem. I can't say for sure because your trigger is physically broken, but this is probably the best bet.

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