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Thread: Unable to export profile

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    Unable to export profile


    I have been using PGP for few years, now using it on Win 8.1 Pro. I am unable to export profile, it failed to export to just any location i try.
    I am running the windows with Administrator account (forced to do so, or else printer refuse to print, very strange, never happen to windows 7 and earlier)

    "Run as Administrator" doesn't work too. (I am already in admin account)

    Please assist. I am sure the profile is saved somewhere, please show me the location i just copy it as backup.

    Another question is, where can i check the version of PGP i am running in the program itself? what i did is to find the pinnacle.exe file and right-click to see the version.
    The download page on your website does not tell the version either.

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    If Pinnacle is resting in the system tray next to the clock then you can right click on it and run your mouse cursor over Help and Support and a drop down will appear. There you'll see the "About Pinnacle" window.

    The other method is to open pinnacle on your desktop and press the F4 (Function Key) on your keyboard to bring up the "About Pinnacle" window.

    If it shows you version 7.1.6 or 7.1.7 I also am having the same problem to export my profile. Rob will fix it in another update because he's doing some testing for other users.

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    Hi, this was a problem in v7.1.7, but v7.1.8 has been released a few days ago... so if you are still having the export problem, then please run PinnacleUpdate to download the latest updates and that should resolve the problem.

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