Padstarr Forum Rules

  1. Be respectful.  Personal attacks on other members of the forum are not tolerated.  Offending users will receive an infraction that may be accompanied by a temporary or permanent ban from the forum.
  2. Do not hijack others’ threads.  Create a new thread for your problem; don’t hijack someone else’s request for help by posting about your own problem, even if it seems similar.  Separate threads make it easier for us to determine which problems have been resolved and which haven’t.
  3. Do not duplicate or repeat postings.  Every support request is answered—in email or at the forum.  There is no need to repeat a request in email or the forum.  Choose one or the other, and give us a chance to answer you.  Everything is usually answered within 24 hours, and often sooner.

    (If you have new information to share about your issue, we recommend that you edit your original post rather than create a new one.  This makes it easier for us to respond to your problem. 
  4. Do not reference piracy, hacking, or anything else illegal.
  5. Do not post adult content.  This includes vulgar or crude language, sexual references, and pornography.  Such content will be edited or deleted—subject to the discretion of the forum’s moderators.  Offending users will receive an infraction which may involve a temporary or permanent ban from the forum.
  6. Do not spam.  Don’t post irrelevant or off topic messages, and don’t advertise for any products or services at the forum.  All such messages will be deleted, and the offending user’s account will be permanently banned from the forum.

PowerUp Software reserves the right to remove, edit, move or thread any thread posted at the PGP Forum.